Queen Eden reigns despite downpour

Littlebeck Rose Queen ''w123211q
Littlebeck Rose Queen ''w123211q

LITTLEBECK’S new Rose Queen Eden Evett refused to let the weather put a dampener on her coronation, even after the British summer quite literally rained on her parade.

The heavens opened as the 13-year old floated down the beck on Tuesday to replace outgoing Rose Queen Rosa Byatt-Goodall at the Littlebeck Garden Fete.

However the poor weather did not deter a huge crowd from packing the banks of the beck to take in the tradition, which is now almost 60 years old.

Event organiser Julia Weeks, said: “It was a lot of fun, the weather didn’t dampen anybody’s spirits.”

Dominic Lawn and Jessica Thompson acted as attendants for Eden and accompanied her on her flotilla.

The ceremony begins with the Rose Queen floating, as if by magic, down the beck and past the crowds. She is met at the far bank by the last year’s queen and a coronation takes place.

The event continues to be an extremely popular tradition as people return year on year to welcome the new Queen. Julia explained why she feels the event’s popularity has endured: “I think the attraction of it is the old fashioned charm. It’s quite unique.”

Following the coronation, local children gave a performance of Alice in Wonderland, with Lily May Newman, of Falling Foss Tea Gardens, taking the starring role.

Costumes for the play were created by Margaret Brown and Joan Smith.

Mrs Brown also helped direct the play with her sister, Mrs Weeks, who said that rehearsals for the play began at the beginning of July.

“The children acted out the play in the rain,” added Julia. “They did absolutely brilliantly. Everybody was delighted with the play and their parents were really proud of them.”

The festival takes place in all weathers, and the only time it has ever been cancelled was due to the Foot and Mouth outbreak.

Julia said: “Thanks need to go to the village committee for making the event successful once again. We also have a lot of regular visitors who come back every year so thanks also to them.”

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