Public can still have their say on Staithes sands

Staithes beach has been under the spotlight
Staithes beach has been under the spotlight

A consultation over the future of “the worst bathing beach in England” has been extended.

Staithes’ beach has been under the spotlight as part of a public consultation over whether it should retain its accreditation as a designated bathing spot.

The consultation comes ahead of tough new EU criteria for bathing water next year, and having consistently failed the previous easier tests, the idea of de-designating its status has been floated.

The idea behind such a move is that it would minimise bad publicity for the beach, which was the setting for the CBeebie’s children’s TV show Old Jack’s Boat.

Under the incoming European Bathing Water Directive, any beach that fails the tests for five consecutive years will be automatically de-designated.

Signs would then be put up, advising people against swimming in the water.

Several organisations, including the council and Yorkshire Water, have pumped money and resources since 2011 into finding out the cause of Staithes’ mucky waters.

Diffuse polution and the layout of the harbour sited as major contributing factors to the poor water quality.

The public consultation, which had been due to end on September 8, is still being carried out on Scarborough Council’s website.

It’s open to all Staithes visitors and residents.

The results will be fed back to the authority, who will then consider future options for the beach.