Prime Minister steals Le Tour seat from Whitby biker

Whitby's Frazer Clacherty (left) at the Tour de France
Whitby's Frazer Clacherty (left) at the Tour de France
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A Whitby mountain biker got the opportunity to meet members of the Royal family when he was a guest at the finish to the opening stage of this year’s Tour de France in Harrogate.

However, after chatting with Prince Harry and Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, 16-year-old Frazer Clacherty from Danby returned to his seat to find an unwelcome guest in his seat - Prime Minister David Cameron.

Whitby Community College student Frazer (pictured above at far left) is a cross country mountain biker and is a member of the British Olympic Development Programme,

He was invited as a special guest to the conclusion of the Tour by SportsAid, who help fund his racing career.

As part of the day, Frazer was taken to the VIP area and introduced to the young Royals.

He said: “They are just normal people with big names. Harry comes across as a pretty down-to-earth guy and Kate, she is just amazing looking.”

After chatting with the Royals, Frazer returned to his “unreal” seat, which was located just metres from the podium, only to find someone had taken his place.

He said: “David Cameron was sat in my seat. I was going to ask him to move, but I didn’t dare say anything, so I just sat behind him.”

Suitably inspired by the event, which was won by German cyclist Marcel Kittel, Frazer jetted off to Switzerland, and is now preparing for the British National Championships.

Frazer has been riding mountain bikes since the age of four and said Chris Hoy is his sporting hero.