Pot luck for Whitby when it comes to road repairs

The county council has spent over £10 million in the last year on repairing 320,000 potholes on its roads network.

Last year, North Yorkshire county council was awarded £5.176m from the Government’s £200m pothole challenge fund to be spent before April this year on road repairs and maintenance.

The council supplemented this with more than £5m from its reserves, enabling it to double the length of roads resurfaced and the number of potholes repaired.

The authority has invested an extra £500,000 on top of what was originally planned, taking the total expenditure to £10.7m.

By stretching the total funding, it says it has been able to surface approximately an extra 70km of road, taking the total to 200km, and has repaired an estimated 320,000 potholes against an original estimate of 200,000.

The £10.7m was in addition to the council’s £31m capital maintenance budget for 2014/15.

According to the work schedule available on the council website, potholes were repaired in Aislaby, Egton, Glaisdale, Grosmont, Littlebeck and Spittal Bridge, Rievaulx Road and Byland Road in Whitby town centre.

However, these schemes were not funded by the government pot but by the supplement that the county council put in from its reserves.