Pop star on location near Whitby for album cover

The cover for Melanie C's new album
The cover for Melanie C's new album

THINGS were certainly spiced up when a popstar arrived in Robin Hood’s Bay to shoot the cover of her new album.

Melanie C, formerly of the Spice Girls, was at Boggle Hole near the Bay for a couple of days earlier this year working on promotional material and the cover of her fifth studio solo album, “The Sea”, which is due to be released soon.

The photo shoot at Boggle Hole near Robin Hood's Bay

The photo shoot at Boggle Hole near Robin Hood's Bay

The location was chosen by the photographer for the shoot who comes from Malton and is familiar with the area.

The singer told fans via her official website she “was freezing her bits off” during the shoot.

She said: “I’ve seen all your comments regarding the album cover, pretty epic isn’t it?

“That was a day’s photoshoot with the lovely Pip in Whitby, North Yorkshire, freezing my bits off while balancing on rocks in very, VERY high heels – but I’m sure you’ll agree, it was worth battling the elements for.”

Pip, a professional photographer based in London, was approached by her record label and management company because of his previous work in the fashion and music industry.

While the pop star stayed in a hotel near Whitby, some of the crew were put up in the youth hostel at Boggle Hole.

Pip told the Gazette: “They approached me and asked me to shoot her cover.

“We talked over the concept and they left it up to me where we went to shoot it.

“I used to go there a lot when I was younger, it was quite a special place and I thought it would be nice to go there.

“The youth hostel staff were amazing and accommodating.

“They were fantastic and in charge of things like logistics, catering and some of the crew stayed in the youth hostel.

“I did a reccy and some test shots and shot it all the next day.

“She is from Liverpool and a northerner herself, she had never been to Whitby but she said how beautiful she thought it was.”

The Whitby Gazette found out about Melanie C’s visit to the area via social networking site Twitter.

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