Pool water 'satisfactory' says Leisure Centre after sickness claims

Whitby Leisure Centre
Whitby Leisure Centre

Whitby Leisure Centre has said that tests on the water quality in its pool have shown it to be "satisfactory", after several parents contacted them to say their children had been sick after swimming in it.

The Gazette was contacted by a father whose two young daughters, aged five and three, were both ill after visiting last weekend.

Rob Stamp, who lives in Aberdeen but was enjoying a trip to Whitby with his family said: "The little pool where the children were swimming was very cloudy. There were eight children in our party and six of them have been ill.

"Other parents highlighted how dirty it looked to staff."

He added that when his family were heading back home in the car they had to stop nine times due to his daughters being sick.

He says he has since contacted the borough council and the health and safety executive about the problem but is yet to get any answers.

Mr Stamp is not the only one to raise the issue, with many other parents taking to Facebook to highlight what they perceive to be the issue.

The Leisure Centre issued a statement responding to the claims, blaming a virus. It said: "Dear customers, we aware that there have been several comments regarding the water quality at Whitby Leisure Centre in the past days. We would just like to reassure our customers that we have checked and reviewed all our health and safety procedures. All pool tests for the last 72 hours are satisfactory and our last microbiological external pool testing was highly satisfactory. We understand there is a local sickness virus in circulation, particularly within local primary schools. We can also confirm we are in contact with the local Environmental Health Officer. We remain open for business as usual."