Polyhalite from Boulby makes mark in China

With polyhalite produced at ICL Boulby now being sold around the world on five continents, it is now making its mark in one of the biggest agricultural markets in the world '“ China.

Tuesday, 15th January 2019, 8:39 am
Updated Tuesday, 15th January 2019, 3:04 pm
ICL Boulby Mine

Boulby is the world’s first and only producer of the unique mineral polyhalite – marketed as Polysulphate – which offers four key nutrients needed to help farmers increase yields and become more productive.

There is a strong interest in China in the benefits it can offer and already ICL is producing two products—Megapoly and Sofipoly—specifically for the Chinese market.

Boulby Vice-President Andrew Fulton said: “The interest in the potential of Polysulphate is growing all the time in many different parts of the world and obviously in China there is a huge need to increase food production for its population of almost 1.5billion.

“This year will see us boost our Polysulphate production to 700,000 tonnes with the prospect of further growth as the demand grows.

“Our parent company ICL is working closely with us in raising interest and awareness of the benefits it can deliver, with increasing evidence of how it can help the growth of many different crops.”

China is not the only area where Boulby polyhalite is taking off – the first shipment of the fertiliser ICL PKpluS, using Boulby polyhalite, recently arrived in Poland.