Whitby Town Council taking steps to protect services and assets ahead of local government reorganisation

Whitby Town Council has vowed to do everything it can to represent the best interests of the town’s residents and services ahead of the local government reorganisation in North Yorkshire and York.

Sunday, 16th August 2020, 11:15 am
Whitby Town Council members usually meet at Pannett Art Gallery, but are currently holding virtual meetings due to Covid-19.

It has resolved to take ‘all reasonable steps’ to retain and support local assets and services which benefit the people of Whitby.

The town council resolved at its meeting last Tuesday (August 11) to work with Scarborough Borough Council, North Yorkshire County Council and other relevant bodies to develop future service delivery models for the area.

Both the county and the borough councils have announced that they are working to a tight timescale set by central government to make their own proposals to ministers.

The leaders of both councils have laid out the important role that they believe parish and town councils will have to reflect and satisfy local community need.

Whitby Town Council will respond to whichever unitary models are proposed and adopted by promoting the role of town and parish councils as the natural home of ultra-local services.

Speaking after the meeting, Town Mayor, Cllr Linda Wild, said: “We recognise we’re on the edge of an immense transformation, but we know none of the details yet.

“We are waiting to hear what the proposed plans are, so we can react accordingly in line with what will give the very best options for Whitby people. The county and the districts in North Yorkshire will change.

“There will be one or more new unitary authorities to replace them.

“Everybody involved recognises that town and parish councils must play their part to make this work effectively for local communities like Whitby.

“The town council has made a commitment to work with all the bodies involved to fight for the future of Whitby’s local services.”