Whitby’s very own devolution debate

The debate over whether Whitby should break away from the control of the borough council has continued this week.

It comes after the people of Scotland voted ‘no’ in a historic referendum on whether the country should leave the United Kingdom.

When asked this week about the implications of what would happen should the town make the break away, the borough council said it needed more time to answer the question.

In the meantime, Gazette readers offered their opinions via our facebook page.

Many felt that Whitby should go it alone as the town wasn’t getting a fair deal from the borough council in relation to things such as renovation of the piers and the old town hall in the Market Place.

Sue Baker said: “Even if there hasnt been a call for a Whitby referendum, Whitby people must see that Whitby is falling into disrepair.

“I am an outsider, visiting a couple of times a year for over 35 years. Come on Whitby, take back the running of your town. And make it special again. Don’t let scabby ruin it.”

However, Chris Winspear said there were many unanswered questions.

He commented: “It’s all well and good having the referendum, but there must be a proper alternative spelt out in detail first, or how can you decide?

“Our own Unitary Authority? A new Borough with other towns? What would be the boundary of the ‘split’? Could we afford it? How would council taxes be affected? How would public assets be transferred? Would relevant council employees be transferred or stay with SBC and possibly face redundancy due to a smaller area to cover? Public Transport contracts would be affected?”