We will remember them...

Friday 11th services
Friday 11th services
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WHITBY remembered the fallen over the weekend, with remembrance services and a two-minutes’ silence being observed across the town on Friday.

At Pannett Park’s Commemorative Garden dignitaries and members of Whitby’s uniformed services gathered to pay their respects at the Memorial Garden.

In the centre of town over a hundred people met with the Royal British Legion to silently reflect, commenced by the firing of a maroon from Whitby’s lifeboat house at 11am.

The poppy appeal is now in its 90th year and organiser George Gallon said: “Some people couldn’t make it up to the park, so we decided to have our own service.

“About 100 people attended, with people stood up to the bridge, the custom house and the banks, so a really good turnout.”

On Saturday a service of remembrance was held on the harbourside by Rev David Smith for those who were lost at sea.

The anchor wreath, which had been seen at the poppy stall at the foot of Golden Lion Bank, was placed on to the waters.

On Remembrance Sunday services were then held across the region, with collections for the poppy appeal.

For Mr Gallon and the rest of the appeal volunteers, the hard work now begins as they attempt to count the funds that have been donated.

No small feat, the process is expected to take the entire team eight working days and Mr Gallon added: “I think this will be a bumper year, I’ve never seen so many tenners and fivers go into the box until now.

“Thank you to everybody who allowed us to continue our valuable work by giving so generously.”