Town council plan to take over cemetery

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WHITBY Town Council is hoping to set up a group to help improve the state of Whitby Cemetery with a view to taking full control of it away from the borough council.

It is thought the group would be along the lines of a Friends of Whitby Cemetery type model and comes after reports of how families have been left devastated by the state their loved ones’ graves have been left in.

The idea was discussed at the town council’s Town and Improvement sub-committee recently and will now be put to the rest of the councillors at the monthly meeting on Tuesday.

If they agree then the town council will invite people to a public meeting, at a later date to be confirmed, to get feedback and opinions with a view to setting up the group.

Coun Simon Parkes came up with the idea and will be putting a motion to the rest of the council about the new group.

He told the Gazette: “What I thought was, one of the best ways forward is to get family and friends who have a commitment to the site and set something up, like Whitby in Bloom or Friends of Pannett Park.

“I was in the market place and a lot of people didn’t understand, they thought the town council managed it and I had to do a lot of fire-fighting.

“There is a lot of deep-seated feeling out there.

“If we managed it we would not have it in that sort of state and perhaps the town council could put in an asset transfer at some point and see if we, as a town council, could run the cemetery.

“That is my long term plan but first things first we have to get it through the town council.”

Although no firm plans have been made for a public meeting as of yet it is hoped it will be held on the east side so it is fairly near to the cemetery.

The town council meeting is on Tuesday at Pannett Park from 6.45pm.