The canvassers are coming

WHITBY residents who have not yet returned their electoral register forms are being warned that they risk a visit from “the canvassers”.

Scarborough Borough Council carries out a canvass each year and residents are legally obliged to provide the information requested.

If residents do not return their forms or confirm their registration electronically, they may find their names have been removed from the register and will be unable to vote at parish, borough, county and general elections.

Residents should be aware that failure to provide or refusing to provide information is an offence and the council will take legal proceedings against people who refuse to provide information to canvassers.

Prosecutions earlier this year resulted in eight residents who refused to provide the information during the 2010 canvass being fined between £100 and £350 on each charge.

Full details of how to fill the electoral registration form, including opting out of the edited version which is used for commercial purposes, are included with the form.

For more information contact the elections office helpline, Monday to Friday between 8.30am-5pm on (01723) 232309, 383545 or 232307.