Spending a penny getting costly

Ruswarp toilets''w120611
Ruswarp toilets''w120611

THE saga surrounding the future of the public toilets in Ruswarp is driving Whitby Town Council round the u-bend.

The authority has been trying to take over the convenience for at least four years but are being chained back by a lack of response from the owners, Scarborough Borough Council (SBC).

At the end of last month the town clerk, Pam Dobson, wrote to legal chiefs at SBC saying they were still awaiting a response to a letter WTC had sent them in November.

Coun Niall Carson said: “SBC, six years ago, was closing as many public toilets around Whitby as it could. The next time they tried to close public toilets in the town we said we will adopt them and keep them open.

“That was five or six years ago, by sheer chance the first ones that came up happened to be Ruswarp. WTC said ‘Ruswarp is part of Whitby town, give them to us’. The members of the town council are still awaiting a response – that has taken four and a half years.”