Resignation of East side councillor

Former councillor Sandra Turner
Former councillor Sandra Turner

A POPULAR borough councillor who led the campaign to rejuvenate Whitby’s East side resigned this week.

Sandra Turner, who sat on Scarborough Borough Council’s Streonshalh ward, told the Whitby Gazette she had given the decision a lot of consideration and apologised for “letting down” her constituents, but wanted to make a decision that was best for Whitby.

She said: “Unfortunately I have got more demands on my personal and business life and I have got to give my time to that.

“I wanted to do everything I could and I am finding I am really stretched now for time. I don’t want to continue and run the risk of letting my constituents down.”

It is the second time Mrs Turner has resigned mid-way through a term in office, as she stepped down in 2007 due to excessive work commitments.

At the time she stood as an Independent candidate, as she was when she was successfully re-elected in a 2009 by-election. However, in November 2010 she joined the Conservative party, along with fellow councillor Dorothy Clegg.

Of her resignation, she said: “As you go on, things change in your personal life. I was not in the same position two years ago when I stood as I am today. I can’t do the council job half-hearted, you are either there or not.”

In November last year Mrs Turner resigned from Whitby Harbour Board, citing an inability to achieve any progress within the constraints of the board.

However, she achieved a large amount of success redeveloping the Eastside Centre, but said that she also intends to play no further part in the operation of the building.

“I have made the decision, she said. “It’s not an easy one. I was really grateful that people voted me on and I feel that I have let them down. I don’t want to continue into the future if I can’t put the effort in timewise.

“I have truly enjoyed being a councillor and I regret that it’s got to the point where I feel I have got to stand down.

“Hopefully someone will come on with the same efforts and do the best for Whitby.”