Parkol planning to expand shipbuilders' site

COUNCILLORS are set to decide on plans by Whitby ship builders Parkol Marine to expand.

On Thursday, Scarborough Council's planning and development committee will look again at an application to convert a former joiners' workshop in their yard into an area to be used for ship repair and building.

In January, the previous application was withdrawn pending more negotiations and discussions with the borough council.

Whitby Town Council has backed the plans which have been recommended by the council's head of planning, Gordon Somerville, to be approved.

Scarborough Council is now proposing to grant a 15-year lease for the land in Eskside Wharf subject to various conditions including Parkol Marine Engineering Ltd ensuring they do not pollute the land and do not become a "nuisance, cause annoyance, damage or inconvenience to the council or occupiers of properties in the neighbourhood".

In a report to the committee, it says Parkol is also willing to accept certain restrictions in relation to the use of the land and no work will take place outside of the hours of 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday and on Saturdays between 8am and noon.

Parkol also say within the hours of working there will be no more than 12 days per year when shot blasting will take place.