Parish proposals by council

WHITBY town councillors have suggested that the only way for the town to get an equal share of Scarborough Borough Council’s attention, is for Scarborough itself to become a parish.

Acting as the third tier of local government, Whitby Town Council has a wide remit and deals with matters including a community response to proposed planning and licensing decision or providing and managing local allotments.

In addition to this there is also Scarborough Borough Council and North Yorkshire County Council. all acting as local authorities in Whitby.

However, Scarborough has only two tiers of government, including SBC, which some town councillors believe spends too much time focussing on matters within the town, as opposed to the borough as a whole.

Speaking at Whitby Town Council’s full meeting on Tuesday, Coun Niall Carson said: “What a brilliant idea, if only Scarborough town would become a parish.

“Then they could talk about Scarborough and the borough could talk about the borough instead of just talking about Scarborough.

“At present they just interchange it willy-nilly.”

In 2010 a consultation took place scross the borough relating to this proposal and recorded results of almost 80% of the 472 respondents against the creation of a new tier of local government.