New youth council for Whitby

The members of the newly formed Whitby Youth Council
The members of the newly formed Whitby Youth Council

A YOUTH COUNCIL has been formed by teenagers in Whitby who want to give themselves a voice and make the town a better place for young people to live.

There are around ten members so far of varying ages and they meet every fortnight at the Youth Shack.

They are looking for ideas and thoughts about what youths in Whitby want and will look at which they can progress further.

Niamh Readman (14) from Whitby Community College is one of the founding members.

She said: “We are still trying to get more people in from very different backgrounds across Whitby and different age groups to come together and share ideas and thoughts about Whitby and what they think of it.

“We hopefully want to change what people think. If they come up with something we will hopefully try and create that.”

Billy Arnold (12) from Helredale Road said: “I have been coming here for three years. This is to make Whitby a better place for families because it is alright living here.”

Sean Fenwick (17) from Elm Grove was part of the youth council set up at Scarborough but stopped going because it was too difficult to get to.

He added: “My friend rang me and told me about this so I thought I would come down. Scarborough wanted to get a bigger youth club and they have just got a multi-million pound youth club so hopefully there will be some changes for Whitby.”

More youth councils are being set up across the county by North Yorkshire County Council but it is hoped the youth councils will become independent bodies.

One of the first things they have set up is a competition where each member gets suggestions from friends and whoever makes the best one gets a HMV voucher.

The deadline for making suggestions is Wednesday 14 December and any ideas can be dropped off at the Youth Shack, emailed to or contact her on 01609 536196.