Local MP Goodwill attends funeral of ‘great’ Thatcher

MP Robert Goodwill at Margaret Thatcher's funeral
MP Robert Goodwill at Margaret Thatcher's funeral

Whitby’s Member of Parliament, Robert Goodwill, attended the funeral of Baroness Thatcher at St Paul’s Cathedral on Wednesday.

Also attending the funeral of Britain’s first female Prime Minister were HM the Queen, current Prime Minister David Cameron and former Prime Minister’s Sir John Major, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

Mr Goodwill MP said: “The world paid its last respects to a great Prime Minister. We were impressed by the well-behaved crowds lining the route.”

Alongside Mr Goodwill was East Yorkshire MP Greg Knight, who said: “It was a very moving occasion which I was honoured to attend.”

Last week, upon first hearing of Baroness Thatcher’s death, Mr Goodwill said: Scarborough MP Robert Goodwill paid tribute, saying: “It’s the end of an era.

“My generation remembers her with either affection or loathing depending which side of the political spectrum you were on.

“But people respected her. She stood up to people and was a tough negotiator.

“I believe she was one of the greatest Prime Ministers this country has seen.”

In her later years Baroness Thatcherwould suffer a series of strokes and this would be the cause of her death on 8 April, aged 87.