It’s time to move on

Whitby town clock - Market Square''w115211
Whitby town clock - Market Square''w115211
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NEGLECT has caused time to stand still in the town according to the mayor of Whitby.

Now Whitby Town Council is hoping to beat the ravages of time by taking responsibility for the town clock in the market place.

It is to ask Scarborough Borough Council to hand over the management of the clock to the town council where a proper maintenance programme can be put in place.

Mayor of Whitby, Coun John Freeman told councillors at the last monthly meeting: “I have had a lot of people coming to see me about it.

“The bell tower is in such a disgusting state with the amount of pigeon droppings, health and safety wise John Woodhead has been advised not to go in there until it is at least safe.

“There are two strands – one quick and simple one is for us to go with a hammer and net the whole of the inside of it.

“To do that would be breaking every regulation under the sun. The mechanism is maintained by a firm from Birmingham but the whole thing is a piece of neglect.

“There should be a proper agreement in place. The town clock is a visual of the east side but it is in a poor state. We should pressure the borough council and embarass them into action.”

Coun Phil Trumper moved that the town council asked SBC to hand it over to them and the proposal was seconded by Coun Dennis Collins and Coun Tom Brown who said the government in its localism agenda was encouraging neighbourhoods to “take control of what it has got”.

Coun Trumper said: “The actual building does generate money for SBC and the market as well. Could we write to SBC to ask them to consider handing it over to Whitby Town Council.”