Funding boost for rugby club shortfall

WHITBY Rugby Club is set to benefit from more than £12,500 worth of grant funding after the cost of upgrading facilities rose by £50,000.

In 2011, the club was awarded £85,000 to help pay for renovation of the rugby club changing rooms which included a designated room for both male and female referees.

But it emerged the original plans drawn up were not up to spec in terms of shower and heating facilities and further reports revealed specialist installation was required.

The costs went up by £50,000 on top of the £170,000 already quoted for the project.

The rugby club has managed to fund some of the shortfall with its own reserves but on Monday, Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) is set to agree to awarding £12,474 to help cover the costs.

A council report from SBC’s head of finance and asset management, Nick Edwards, says it is “in the interests of future residents and the existing community”.

The extra money is the remaining sum put forward by Broadacres Housing Association in relation to the Creamery housing development on White Leys Road which was given the go-ahead in February 2010.

Broadacres offered the local community £99,974 in a section 106 agreement which compensates for the loss of open space caused by property development.

Whitby Rugby Club applied for some as part payment for its £170,000 changing rooms project and was given £85,000.

It obtained £65,000 worth of match funding from the Rugby Union Foundation to pay for the rest prior to the cost unexpectedly going up.

Mr Edwards added in his report being put to a Strategic Planning and Regeneration meeting on Monday: “Having secured the long term future of the rugby club’s buildings, the club has been keen to invest in its facilities to ensure they are fit for purpose, providing an environment to encourage participation from local residents, contributing towards ensuring a healthy, vibrant and strong community.

“As a result of the increased expenditure a funding shortfall in the region of £50,000 has occurred causing a significant burden on the club’s resources.

“While the club have already contributed a significant amount from their reserves, they are keen to secure additional funding as a contribution to the total costs.”