Dog rules leave foul smell

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LOCAL dog owners are being discriminated against in favour of holiday makers according to a Whitby resident.

At the end of the summer term last year a fence and gates were put up around a field at Whitby Community College followed by signs stating dogs weren’t allowed on the field.

Dog owner Peter Horbury of Prospect Hill stopped walking his dog on the land even though it has been used by Whitby residents to exercise their pets over recent years.

But he since found out while reading a magazine that members of a camping and caravan club who use the college field for events, and will be doing so this summer, are still welcome to bring dogs.

He told the Gazette: “After all the campers had gone home the college embarked upon fencing off and putting gates around the field and then there were no dogs allowed signs.

“I have not taken my dog on the field since the signs went up. I have no problem with that whatsoever but it must apply to everybody all the time and not discriminate between the residents of Whitby and campers.”

A spokesperson for North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) said dog owners in general were not allowed to walk their dogs on the field because of the health hazards from dog fouling and the requirement of school staff to check the grounds constantly.

They added: “However, Camping and Caravan Club members who pay to use the Whitby Community College grounds during the holidays at Easter, Whitsuntide and for three weeks during the summer are allowed to bring their dogs by the organisation because the camp is staffed and well managed and left each time in a clean and tidy state for the beginning of term.”