County council £8 million ahead of savings plan

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NORTH YORKSHIRE County Council is £8 million ahead of a tough saving schedule put in place to deal with government funding cuts.

It is trying to find £69 million worth of savings over the next four years and in the first six months has saved £8 million more than expected.

As a result the external auditors have praised NYCC for its financial processes and the council says it is in a better place to deal with economic pressures over the coming years.

Coun John Weighell, leader of NYCC, said: “It is only through making this level of saving that we can protect the needs of service users in the months and years ahead.

“We face increasing costs in social care and the winter is yet to come with its potential impact on the county’s roads, the largest roads network in the country.

“The financial prudence and good governance shown in this report is reassuring given the trials ahead and current economic volatility.

“We understand that these are very difficult times for everybody but we believe that our financial vigilance means we are in a better position to meet these challenges and to continue to protect the most vulnerable in our communities. “