Councillor backs fight against building rules

A senior councillor has backed residents who have had to re-ignite their fight to protect green space in Stakesby.

After learning S Harrison Developments Ltd, based in York, had asked Scarborough Borough Council to change the boundaries determining where houses can be built the residents got together and have employed their own planning consultant from the firm Prism.

They are the same firm that last year wanted to build 90 houses, a petrol station and a Tesco supermarket on land at Sneaton Castle Farm which is owned by the Sisters of the Holy Paraclete.

The locals fear any changes in what is considered land for housing would make it easy for the firm to kickstart their plans again after they were rejected by SBC last year.

And Coun Jane Kenyon, who represents the Mayfield ward, said development would be detrimental to Whitby and the damage it would do could never be reversed.

She said: “Any development will have an extremely detrimental effect on the gateway to the historic town of Whitby.

“It will alter forever the approach and the landscape as you enter Whitby. There are massive issues and can you imagine what the impact of traffic will be on the switchbacks.

“For me, before any additional housing there would have to be a housing needs assessment to see if there is a need for additional houses.

“And there would have to be a look at the infrastructure - the amount of public services that would be required such as schools, social services, health needs and the impact on the highway.”