Council tax set to decrease

Rate payers in Whitby can expect to see their bill for the town council decrease in the next financial year.

A full meeting of the council, taking place on Tuesday night, is set to agree that the precept for 2014/2015 remains the same as last year at £227, 500.

However, due to the number of new homes that have been built in the parish over the last 12 months it means that individual households will pay less because the amount is more shared out.

Currently an average band D property will pay £45.15 per year to Whitby Town Council but that is set to be £44.37 for the coming financial year - a 1.79% decrease.

The figures were agreed by the town council’s finance committee last month and are expected to be given the rubber stamp by the full council on Tuesday.

Coun Phil Trumper told the Gazette: “A couple of councillors wanted to raise it because they wanted to have funds for the roof refurbishment when it needs doing in 15 years but there is enough money in the budget to cover it.

“Because of the economic climate and flooding, people are still struggling and finding it tough just to pay their food and electric bills so it is more to do with that.

“There are a few things that we put in reserve that has not been spent for this year.”

Also on the agenda at Tuesday night’s meeting is the recent flooding in Whitby, changes to allotment rules and an update from the Environment Agency.

It is expected that officers will be able to reveal to the town council whether or not it will be revoking the licence for the waste transfer site at Spital Bridge.

Meeting starts at 6.45pm.