Council tax precept set

WHITBY tax payers will be contributing £229,000 this year to the town council’s coffers.

The precept and the budget for 2012/2013 has been set.

A band D property, which is the average, will pay £45.18 per year. The lowest is a band A at £30.12 and the highest is a band H at £90.36.

According to documents presented to councillors at the last monthly meeting well over a third of the precept will be spent on the town council’s staffing costs.

It is proposed £90,000 will be set aside for salaries - an increase in £4,400 on last year’s amount.

So far this year £59,691.90 has been spent and in 2010/11 a total of £83,586.71 was spent on staffing.

The total budget for 2012/2013 is based around an income figure of £257,100.00 with other monies coming in from allotments, office rental and an expected £20,000 from art gallery and museum admissions and sales.

Notable items on the expenditure list for the forthcoming financial year are £2025 on a HR advisory service, £2000 on a staffing contingency and a Mayor’s allowance of £5000 which is almost £700 more than was spent last year.

A sum of £5000 has been allocated for elections and polls in 2012/13 whereas the changing faces on the town council in 2010 and 2011 cost over £12,000.

Town clerk, Pam Dobson said: “In real terms the precept is keeping the same as last year, £229,000. There is a 0.4 per cent decrease because the base has changed because more people are paying council tax. For a band D property it will reduce 18 pence per year.”

Coun Phil Trumper said it was “excellent” the town council had managed to set the precept without an increase and Coun Niall Carson added: “The total amount that Whitby Town Council will ask of the residents of Whitby for a band D is a total of £45.18 pence.

“All the additional hundreds of pounds they will find on their council tax bill are not for Whitby Town Council. They have been levied by Scarborough Borough Council, North Yorkshire County Council, North Yorkshire Police and the fire.

“Whitby Town Council costs the average resident less than £1 per week.”