Candidates for town council vacancies revealed

ELEVEN people from the town have put themselves forward for the six vacancies on Whitby Town Council.

There are two vacancies for the Stakesby ward, two for the town north ward, one seat available to represent the town south ward and a vacancy in the West Cliff ward.

The following people have put themselves forward Phillip Trumper, Glen Kilpatrick, Richard William Ineson, Helga Marrs, Nigel Ward, Finn O’Leary, Jon Risdon, Lawrence Walker, Joyce Stangoe, Heather Coughlan and Wynne Jones.

However, Whitby Town Council were unable to say who had nominated themselves for which wards.

Councillors will decide who they want to co-opt on to the authority at an extraordinary meeting being held on Thursday at 6.45pm in Pannett Park art gallery.

According to the agenda they will also appoint representatives to the following committees - planning, finance and general purpose, human resources, Pannett Art gallery, Pannett Art gallery and Whitby Museum joint management committee, town improvement, policy and development.