Candidates announced for council elections

The county goes to the polls
The county goes to the polls

The full list of candidates for the North Yorkshire County Council election on May 4 have been published.

The 14 divisions of the county in Scarborough and Whitby will be contested by all the main parties.

Labour, meanwhile, is looking into to what to do next after accidentally fielding two candidates in the Hertford Ward.

The Scarborough News understands Rosie Adams should have been the candidate in the Filey ward but there was a "mix-up" with the nomination forms.

The candidates are as follows:


Janet Jefferson - Independent

Tom Seston - Conservative

Tim Thorne - UKIP

Mark Vesey - Green

Mat Watkinson - Labour

Eastfield & Osgodby

Tony Johnson - Green

Tony Randerson - Labour

Tracey White - Conservative

Esk Valley

Sara Fenander - Green

Keith Jeffery - Labour

Clive Pearson - Conservative

John Thistle - UKIP

Falsgrave & Stepney

Liz Colling - Labour and Co-operative

Sally Longden - UKIP

David Malone - Green

Jane Mortimer - Conservative


Sam Cross - UKIP

David King - Green

Helen Swiers - Conservative

Hertford & Cayton

Rosie Adams - Labour

John Casey - UKIP

Judy Deans - Green

Sean Rowell - Labour

Roberta Swiers - Conservative


Andrew Backhouse - Conservative

Bill Black - The Yorkshire Party

Helen Kindness - Green

Paul Provins - Labour

Graham Snelson - UKIP


Robert Adams - Green

John Atkinson - Liberal Democrats

Eric Broadbent - Labour

Christopher Fisher - Conservative

Norman Murphy - UKIP

Scalby & The Coast

Derek Bastiman - Conservative

Gerald Dennett - Labour

Paul McCann - UKIP

David Taylor - Liberal Democrats

Seamer & Derwent Valley

Colin Banes - Labour and Co-operative

Mark Harland - UKIP

David Jeffels - Conservative

Robert Lockwood - Liberal Democrats

Weaponness & Ramshill

Stuart Abbott - UKIP

Charlotte Bonner - Green

Steve Siddons - Labour

Callam Walsh - Conservative


David Chance - Conservative

Hugo Fearnley - Labour


Deirdre Aboott - UKIP

Rob Barnett - Labour

Jonathan Harston - Liberal Democrat

Joe Plant - Conservative


David Billing - Labour

Bill Chatt - Independent

Andrew Jenkinson - Conservative

Phil McDonald - UKIP

Chris Phillips - Green