All for charity

emma Collings flying the flag for the Charit Garrison calendar
emma Collings flying the flag for the Charit Garrison calendar
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A WHITBY pub manager has revealed all for a forces’ charity.

Emma Collings, manager of the White House pub in Upgang Lane, is featured in the Garrison Girls nude calendar in a bid to raise £5million for sufferers of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Emma (34) said: “There were all girls of different shapes and sizes but I thought it’s for a good cause, just get on with it.

“I was being bold, egging everyone on but then when it came to getting my kit off I was actually really nervous and was the last one to do it.

“But when you were actually doing it you forgot that they were taking pictures of you, they made you so relaxed it was fantastic and really good fun.

“At the end of the day we only took our clothes off, it’s the ones who go to serve that have the hard jobs.”

The tastefully nude calendar was made to raise funds to support serving and ex-serving Army, Navy and RAF personnel and all the photos were taken underwater at the Manchester Aquatic Centre.

Emma’s husband, Cpl Paul Collings, is currently serving at RAF Fylingdales.

The underwater photos were taken by Nick Robertson-Brown, a retired RAF engineer who served for 22 years and the calendar is available now at