Polar bear set to stay all year round in Whitby centre

WHITBY'S iconic polar bear, which keeps a watchful eye on the harbour, could become a permanent fixture in the town and is also set for a make over.

Snow Prince, which sits on top of the Julian Graves shop in Sandgate, is usually only in place over the Christmas period and is taken down early in the New Year.

But midway through February the 8ft beast is still in place and there are no plans to ask him to leave.

John Woodhead, Scarborough Council's northern area engineer, said: "After gauging opinion from some local residents we thought it might be a quirky idea to keep the polar bear up there a bit longer this year.

"We have spoken to the manager of the Julian Graves shop to make sure she is happy to keep the bear on the roof of the premises and she doesn't have any problem with this.

"Borough councillor Dorothy Clegg is also in agreement and of course it gives us a good opportunity to give the structure a lick of paint and a new lease of life at the same time."