Plans to scrap council newspaper

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PLANS to scrap a county council newspaper which costs taxpayers more than £380,000 a year, have been welcomed.

The North Yorkshire Times is currently produced 11 times a year and distributed to 270,000 houses in the county, whether they want it or not costing the council £389,000 each year.

Eric Pickles, the Conservative Communities and Local Government Secretary, strongly criticised use of council newspapers in September last year.

Now a recommendation to the meeting of North Yorkshire County Council’s executive on Tuesday (1 February) is that the freesheet be discontinued.

Instead, it is recommended that the council go into partnership with local newspapers to provide NYCC with a set number of pages per month.

Councillor Bill Hoult, deputy leader of the Liberal Democrat group on the council said: “The Liberal Democrats have opposed the NY Times since it began.

“We have always considered it a waste of taxpayers’ money. At a time when the council is looking at cutting bus and library services across the county, spending nearly £400,000 on a free paper is indefensible.”

“It appears that the Tories have finally listened, not just to us, but to their own Government Ministers.

“Working with local newspapers seems like a sensible way of saving money.”