Plans given go-ahead despite objections

ALTERATIOns will be made to a house in Robin Hood’s Bay despite objections from Fylingdales Parish Council.

LISTED building and planning consent were given by the North York Moors National Park planning committee for the work at a recent meeting.

Applicant Paula Macfarlane of Wedgewood House proposed installing conservation roof windows at the back of the house, doors to the porch area, a satellite dish and replacing a window.

Wedgewood House was described as a substantial Grade Two listed building with three floors and a basement.

Parish councillors said they did not object in principle to the alterations except to the installation of doors to the porch pointing out they knew personally that in more than 50 years such doors were unknown in the village and that openness was part of its character.

Planning officers said that in the light of the parish councillors’ concerns amendments were made to the original proposals.