Plane speaking pair made me smile all day

Hong Kong
Hong Kong

Well that’s the first month of 2018 finished. The diet has been abandoned, the new year resolutions have gone out the window, at least there are the summer holidays to look forward to.

The thought of hot sun on your back and a cold beer beside some turquoise sea is one to relish if it wasn’t for the dread of airports. It’s not the flying but all the faffing about now required before you even get on a plane. That can take longer than the actual flight, how wonderful it must be to have your own plane and fly off somewhere on a whim.

Louise Graydon

Louise Graydon

This reminded me of a conversation I had with an elderly couple in hospital a few years ago. They were well into their nineties and the husband was waiting to have a scan on his swollen right leg, his doctor thinking he might have a deep vein thrombosis.

“Have you been on a long haul flight?” I enquired.

“Oh yes, we’ve been to Hong Kong and back,” came the reply. “I’m a pilot, and so is my wife,aren’t you my darling?” She nodded.

“We have our own plane along with 10 others, it’s absolutely marvellous, we just take off and go wherever we fancy, much better than the car, the roads are an absolute nightmare, all those cars stuck in traffic jams, it’s not for us. We’ve had to get the Rolls out to come here.”

I became intrigued by this delightful couple who seemed devoted to one another, dressed in expensive tweeds, they looked as though they were going shooting at Balmoral.

“It could be that sitting in one place for a long time has made your leg swollen,” I said.

His wife dug an elbow into his ribs. “I think you should confess.”

“Well, I’ve had to give up flying and the plane because my eyesight is poor, we are bereft.”

“I thought you said you’d recently been to Hong Kong.”

“We have, my son bought us a flight simulation programme for the computer.

“It’s fantastic,coming into Hong Kong airport is just how I remember it, I take the plane all over the world...”

“You have become addicted,” his wife interrupted, “he spends hours on it, I have to bring his meals to the computer otherwise he’d forget to eat,” she continued.

“That may explain your condition. Tell me, what is the programme called, I think my husband might like that?”

“Ah well, he would have to start at level one, and I’m already at level 10!”

It later transpired he didn’t have a deep vein thrombosis and as I watched them walk hand in hand towards the exit, I reflected how wonderful it must have been to belong to their world.

I had no doubts that everything they had told me was absolutely true.

Sometimes a conversation can make you smile all day.