Pet parrot lost after fire at farmhouse

Lauren and Jessica Thompson by Ronnie the parrots empty cage''w132107
Lauren and Jessica Thompson by Ronnie the parrots empty cage''w132107

A Littlebeck family have been left heartbroken after a fire tore through their kitchen on Friday and, in the panic to escape, a beloved pet went missing.

The fire happened on Friday at Low Farm in Littlebeck, where Ian and Linda Thompson live with their 10 horses, seven dogs, three parrots and a barn owl called Barney.

Smokey the remaining parrot''w132107a

Smokey the remaining parrot''w132107a

In the rush to evacuate their pets safely, one of their birds, an African Grey parrot named Ronnie, escaped.

The bird has not been seen since and the couple fear he may have flown away in the panic and is now unable to find his way home.

Linda said: “It was just fright that caused him to fly away. But he’s never flown out before so he wouldn’t know where he was.

“We wouldn’t be bothered about the damage to the kitchen if he would just come back.”

The missing parrot is named after Ronnie the Rhino, the mascot of the Leeds Rhinos rugby team. The couple moved from Leeds eight years ago to fulfil their dream of owning a farm in the country.

The fire has completely destroyed the family’s kitchen, but was extinguished by a crew from Whitby fire station, who arrived on the scene within minutes.

Linda said: “I had just come in the living room and I got this acrid smell. I went to the bottom of the steps to see if Robert was not doing anything upstairs. When I got to the end I saw the kitchen window was just black.”

Linda’s brother Robert, who was visiting the family, helped get all the pets out of the house.

The two other parrots, Smokey and Baby, were moved into the garden safely, but Ronnie escaped.

They then smashed the kitchen window and tried to put the fire out using water from the fish pond.

The cause of the fire is unclear, although it may have been a fault with the family’s AGA oven.

Anyone who finds or spots Ronnie is urged to contact Paula Thompson on 07765550856.