Smuggling returns to village as pubs go dry

Robin Hood's Bay
Robin Hood's Bay

Smuggling has returned to a Yorkshire village after four of its pubs were forced to stop selling alcohol this week.

Drinkers in Robin Hood's Bay, near Whitby were left stunned when The Bay Hotel, The Fylingdales, The Dolphin and The Laurel Inn were told on Tuesday that the alcohol licences for the four had expired and they could not longer legally serve booze.

The mix-up occurred following the death of popular local businessman Robert Tucker last year.

Mr Tucker ran Tucker & Co and the licences for the premises were in his name.

His daughter Becky posted a statement on Facebook saying: "After our father passed away, during the wait for probate, there have been some unforeseen circumstances that have affected the transference of the premises licenses.

"Therefore our pubs are temporarily unable to sell alcohol, we are so sorry for this huge inconvenience!

"Henry and I are working on the double to support our tenants and get things up and running as they should be!

"The Bay Hotel, The Dolphin and The Fylingdales are still open for business and you are welcome to bring in your own booze.

"Thanks so much for your patience and support."

The pubs, which serve food, including the Bay Hotel, have remained open but diners have had to bring their own bottle or purchase it from elsewhere.

Lisa Winder, of Smugglers Bistro and Accommodation, has a full alcohol licence and has been filling the gap left by the pubs.

She said: "I am friendly with The Bay and people have been ordering food there then coming over here to get bottles to take back with them.

"It was a bit of a shock to everyone here but we've pulled together.

"It's like smuggling has returned to Robin Hood's Bay, people are wandering around with bottles of wine and beer when they go out for a meal on a night."

It is thought it could be another week before the pubs are able to secure emergency licences.