Siemens Big Summer Cycle ride challenge heads to Whitby

Toby Harteveld's ashes were scattered in Whitby.
Toby Harteveld's ashes were scattered in Whitby.

Whitby will play host to the The Siemens Big Summer Cycle this month.

The event, returning for a third year, sees 60 people cycle 800 miles over 10 days, visiting a number of Siemens sites and locations along the way – all while raising money for charity.

In 2018, former Siemens employee Toby Harteveld sadly passed away aged 39 after suffering heart failure.

His father, Dietmar Harteveld, is head of supply chain management in Siemens UK, and friends and colleagues from Siemens UK have decided run the cycling event in memory of Toby.

The ride started yesterday (Wednesday, September 4) and will be stopping at many Siemens locations as well as places that were important to Toby, such as his favourite football team Leicester FC, as well as Whitby where his ashes are scattered.

Whitby will be hosting the Big Summer Cycle on the sixth and seventh stage when the participants will head to the town from Lincoln following a 101-mile journey before leaving the area to Newcastle, travelling a further 85 miles.

A spokesman said: “The ride isn’t just for Toby – it’s for every one of the 14,000 employees in Siemens UK, to bring together colleagues no matter where they work, whether they take part in the cycle, or if they’re coming up with ways to fundraise.

“For every mile that is ridden in an office, the company will pledge money to charity.

“It’s about bringing people together.

“It’s about raising the awareness of mental health and to let employees know that it’s okay not to be okay. It’s about doing something for the community. It’s about making real what matters.

“The ride is raising money for two charities – Mind, as Toby suffered with mental illnesss, and the British Heart Foundation, as Toby passed away from heart failure.

“Our target to raise is £19,790 as 1979 was the year Toby was born. (For a current total, see the Virgin money page

“Feel free to donate to help us reach our target by heading to the Virgin Money page.”