School pupils tell MPs to behave better and stop "shouting out like a pack of elephants"

Young students from Danby School have written to the House of Commons after becoming concerned by the poor behaviour of some MPs.

Wednesday, 18th September 2019, 12:13 pm
Danby school pupils, Oscar, Sophia and Harry with head teacher Liz Orland

Headteacher Liz Orland said: “We were having a discussion with the children about behaviour in school and decided to set-up a five step behaviour plan.

“One of the children raised how poor the behaviour of MPs was in Parliament, having seen a situation on TV where the Speaker John Bercow was unable to gain ‘order’.”

The children decided to write to Mr Bercow, to suggest an appropriate course of action.

Danby School Children show off the letters they wrote.

Sophia, aged 9, wrote: “Danby School [has] 38 pupils that are capable of demonstrating how to show respect, courtesy, manners, responsibility, matureness and resourcefulness. Are your MPs capable of being polite and respectful?”

Ella, 8, stated: “I have got much better manners than the people in the House of Commons.”

Olivia, 7, said: “On the news MP’s have been arguing too much, being disrespectful, not setting a good example. They are being rude, shouting out like a pack of elephants.”

Each child came up with their own version of a five-step behaviour plan for MPs.

Some of the letters written by the children

Shannon, 10, suggested the following steps:

1. You will be asked to be respectful

2. You will be warned of losing your seat

3. You will be asked to leave and come back when you have calmed down

4. You will leave for the rest of the day

5. Goodbye, you are sacked

Other options including being sent to see the Prime Minister and 10-month bans for misbehaving MPs.

The children sent their letters to Mr Bercow and were delighted to receive a reply. One pupil, Oscar, said: “I was really excited that we received a reply.” Harry said: “I would definitely write to the Speaker again.”

Mrs Orland said “The reply wasn’t particularly exciting, but the children are over the moon to have received a letter from the Houses of Parliament. I’m very proud of the children for coming up with such a good set of rules and regulations.”

In the reply, Communications Secretary in the Office of the Speaker, Josh Ryder, stated: “The Speaker ... always does his utmost to encourage members to conduct themselves in a dignified and productive manner in the chamber. He is aware that there is much to be done in this regard and will continue to press for improvements.”