Scarborough school girl pens message of encouragement to Gareth Southgate and the England team

A Northstead Community Primary School pupil has written a heartfelt letter to Gareth Southgate after his England team narrowly lost the Euro 2020 final in the final kick of the tournament.

Friday, 23rd July 2021, 12:59 pm
Updated Friday, 23rd July 2021, 2:56 pm
Paige said she was disappointed in the way some people had treated the team

Paige Hawker, 8, had been learning about Gareth Southgate s resilience as part of her school work.

She decided to write to him after hearing the horrible things being said about the team.

Paige’s mother, Natalie Drake, said: “I think it just goes to show that after a pretty horrendous 18 months for us all over the world the England team have really given us Brits something to be excited and come together for!

Paige also created a colourful picture for the England manager and team.

“Win or lose, what an unimaginable high it has caused us all.

“If only everyone's hearts could be as pure as my eight year old’s.

Paige, whose father and grandfather both support Arsenal, said: “I never used to like football, but now I do.”

Paige’s letter reads:

Paige's letter

Dear Gareth Southgate and Team

My name is Paige and I am eight years old.

I have felt sad after the match on Sunday.

Not because we did not win but because of people being mean about you and your team.

Paige Hawker has written to Gareth Southgate

I hope you don’t listen to the nasty people.

I wanted to send you a letter and a picture I have made you to cheer you up if you were feeling sad about that too.

At school we have been learning about you and your amazing players and how you all never give up.

I am happy that you gave us all something fun to look forward to and be very excited about too.

I didn’t like football before, but you have made me like it.

I cannot wait to watch you all again and I know you will try very hard for England and we promise to stand together with you and be kind to each other and your team.

Your resilience and determination makes you all very special people to me and my school

I hope you like my picture.

I wanted to know your favourite colours but couldn’t so I had to guess.



The letter will be sent to Gareth Southgate in the hope it brings a smile to his face.