The Salty Dog - other Whitby pubs should consider change of name following The Golden Lion’s U-turn

The new owners of the Golden Lion in Whitby may have decided against calling the pub The Salty Dog - but another watering hole in the town should consider such a change of name, according to one visitor.

Tuesday, 4th June 2019, 6:00 pm
Image of how the pub could have looked and will now look from Star pubs

Star Pubs proposed to rename the drinking establishment to The Salty Dog, as part of plans to renovate the pub, but backed down after public pressure.

Now, John Roberts, who lives in Wakefield, has written to the Gazette to say The Salty Dog would make a great name for another Whitby pub, if one was willing to change its name.

“I can understand the reasons why people wanted to retain the name The Golden Lion as the pub has a long-standing provenance going back to 1714,” said Mr Roberts.

“Having said that, I rather warmed to the name A Salty Dog.

“First, for obvious reasons, the seagoing connection with Whitby (Golden Lion is hardly an original name).

“My other reason for liking the name is because it is the name of one of the most outstanding record albums of the late 1960s - a masterpiece of rock music, no less.

“I speak of the classic album A Salty Dog by Procol Harum (1969) with it’s gatefold sleeve based on the old Players cigarette packet.

“It would have made a great pub sign outside, and a talking point.”

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