Pickering Hedgehog Rescue forced to close to new admissions

The rescue say they have been forced to close their doors after taking in more than 40 ailing hedgehogs.

Monday, 5th August 2019, 12:29 pm
A hoglet enjoy a drink at Pickering Hedgehog Rescue

Rescue founder, Deryn Hagemann, said: “We didn’t want to take this step, but we had to make people aware we couldn’t take any more in. We’re going to struggle until the hospital wing is completed.

“The hospital wing is moving forwards, the roof is now on, however, we do still need to add walls and insulation,” she continued.

A GoFundMe fundraising campaign launched last month has so far raised £740 of the £2500 needed to complete the hospital.

The construction of the hospital wing is moving forwards.

When asked if things will get quieter for the centre in the winter, traditionally when hedgehogs hibernate, Deryn explained that it’s unlikely: “We’re still getting young hoglets bought to us now, there are some that are around three weeks old that weigh just 80g. They need to be 650g to hibernate, they’re simply not going to be ready.”

“They’re not all tiny though,” Deryn smiled as she explained about Teddy, one of the latest arrivals. “Teddy doesn’t have teeth yet, meaning he’s less than three weeks old, but he weighs 160g, so he’s doing really well.” However, Teddy still won’t be 650g when it’s time to hibernate.

This means that the young hoglets will need fostering over the winter. “We always make sure that the hoglets go home with one of the volunteers from the centre, that way we can be certain they’re getting the best care and attention,” said Deryn.

The centre is always keen to welcome more volunteers, if you would like to get involved, call Deryn on 07717 013 723.

Alternatively, if you would like to contribute to the Go Fund Me Campaign, you can find it here.