No dog’s life for rescued puppies from Romania

Janet Lawson-Foster with the Romanian rescue dogs she is fostering, Blue and Juno. Picture Kathryn Bulmer.
Janet Lawson-Foster with the Romanian rescue dogs she is fostering, Blue and Juno. Picture Kathryn Bulmer.

Two Romanian puppies destined for a life of torture have been rescued and rehabilitated by a Whitby woman.

Five month old brothers, Baloo and Yogi were dumped on the streets from the age of about four weeks old and left to fend for themselves.

But luckily they were picked up by an animal charity who rescues dogs from Romania and brings them back to Britain.

Janet Lawson of Sleights found out about the work of the charity after her daughter saw an article on-line.

Dog loving Janet was reduced to tears by some of the tales she had heard and felt she had to try and help.

She told the Gazette: “Dogs all over have a rough time but especially over there. The things that they do to them are absolutely horrendous.

“They do things like tie their paws behind their heads, they don’t kill them humanely and it struck a chord with me .”

She was vetted by the charity and got approved as a foster carer.

In February she travelled to Leicester with other people from around the country to meet the charity and pick up the Romanian mountain crossbreeds.

Since then Janet and her family have been looking after the pair, walking them, socialising them and trying to find a permanent and loving home for both of them.

They have also been learning from Janet’s own 14 year-old terrier.

Janet admits it has been a challenge as both dogs were unsocialised, scared of people, couldn’t walk and were not house-trained.

She said: “When I looked into Baloo’s eyes there was no expression there - he was dead behind the eyes and I just cried when I saw him.

“It takes time and you have to be aware they are going to have issues.

“It is not a blank canvas and he will have memories that come through his mum without even realising.

“I was defrosting the freezer and banged it and he shot off to the other side of the house.”

They are now five months old and all being well Yogi is going to a new home in Durham tomorrow (Saturday) and people have expressed interest in taking on Baloo.

Janet will be taking on another dog next month followed by two puppies.

She added: “I am dreading Saturday to be honest but it is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done.

“These poor dogs have such a hard time and if I can help a handful I will be happy.

“But I want to keep doing it and rehome as many and as quickly as I can.”