Meet the eight-year-old boy who's doing a triathlon to raise money for the homeless

Gabriel Wakefield.
Gabriel Wakefield.

When you were a child did you ever think of doing a triathlon?

Eight-year-old Gabriel Wakefield is doing one to raise money for Shelter.

Gabriel with his classmates from Rosedale Abbey.

Gabriel with his classmates from Rosedale Abbey.

Over the May bank holiday weekend, the Rosedale Abbey primary school pupil will be travelling 20 miles from his home in Cropton to Whitby, by cycling, hiking and even canoeing on the River Esk.

He said: "I think it is unfair that some people don't have homes and some people do so I decided to do my own Yorkshire-style triathlon to raise money to help."

Gabriel's desire to help the homeless started when, through various school projects, he found out about the issue of homelessness in the UK.

"He knew about refugees and homeless people around the world but he didn't realise that there were homeless people in this country," said his mum, Melanie Challenger.

"He came up to me and said 'what could I do to help?'

"It came out of the blue but we wanted to encourage him. After Red Nose Day he found out about all these challenges that you can do to raise money for charity so we sat around the table to think of what he could do and we came up with this triathlon."

"I would have never pushed him to do anything," added Melanie "but it's something that came straight from his heart. He's a very kind-hearted lad and we feel very proud."

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