Harry Potter and Heartbeat inspire Goathland railway station-themed bus stop - in Sweden!

A colourful bus stop designed by a Heartbeat fan to look like Goathland railway station is proving a huge hit - 1,300 miles away in Sweden.

Monday, 28th June 2021, 4:49 pm
Updated Monday, 28th June 2021, 4:50 pm

Hans Christiansen, a writer, photographer and huge fan of TV show Heartbeat, visited Goathland around 10 years ago while working on a book where he interviewed various people, including actor David Lonsdale, who played the character David Stockwell on the show.

It gave him an idea to create a new-look bus shelter in his small community of Älvnäs, just outside the Swedish capital Stockholm.

Hans said: "Back to Sweden, in our society we have four bus shelters and one was in line to be renovated or built new.

The Harry Potter-style interior of the Goathland-themed bus stop in Sweden.

"I then decided together with the board that we would build a railway station, a copy of Goathland railway station.

"It was not only Heartbeat that was recorded there but also in the first Harry Potter movie there was a scene from there."

"I drew and our craftsman built."

The bus stop is adorned with the names Goathland, Aidensfield and Hogsmeade.

The colourful and quirky bus stop in a village just outside Stockholm, modelled on Goathland Railway Station.

Hans added: "There are many young people who stop here with the bus, just because it is fun and it looks nice."

The bus shelter is built of stone, with three walls, one in wood - painted in the same color as the original.

The community of Älvnäs is in the same municipality where the Swedish King lives at his castle Drottningholm.

Bus passengers get a taste of Goathland, near Whitby - in a community just outside Stockholm, Sweden.