Park and ride base closed for safety fears

people queueing for the park and ride
people queueing for the park and ride

Whitby’s multi-million pound park and ride scheme’s building had to be closed off over fears of public safety on its first weekend of the year.

While it has been shut over the winter period, cold and damp has set in at the building which is two years old causing plaster to drop off the ceilings and walls.

So while Whitby was packed with tourists flocking to the town for the Easter break, users of the park and ride were left standing outside in the rain that came on the Sunday and Monday as they waited for buses into town.

The lack of maintenance and the late stage at which the issues were discovered has angered the town’s tourism ambassadors.

Niall Carson told the Gazette he was shocked no-one had checked the building earlier.

He said: “There has been minimal maintenance.

“Nobody has bothered to check it. They closed it at the end of the season and come back six months later.

“I assume it has got cold and damp over the winter. There is a handwritten sign on the door saying closed but it looks like a secret bunker.

“How many hoteliers wait to find out the water has gone off or the ceilings are falling down when the first guests arrive. You make sure everything is working weeks beforehand.”

North Yorkshire County Council said issues were identified within the main waiting area at the Whitby Park and Ride facility during last week which required at short notice it be closed to the public “to ensure their health and safety”.

A spokesperson said: “We apologise for any inconvenience that has been caused. We are now working with our contractors to ensure that the required works are undertaken speedily. We fully expect that the building will be made safe for public use by the end of this week and that signage will be improved.

“We want to ensure a successful summer season for the Park & Ride and will therefore ensure that building works are completed as quickly as possible and that all relevant information at the site is clearly available.”