Parachuting pensioners’ jump for charity

Norma Carrick mid air
Norma Carrick mid air

TWO parachuting pensioners have returned to earth after jumping out of a plane to raise money for abandoned and sick animals.

It was third time lucky for Norma Carrick (70) who runs RAW animal rescue and her friend Geraldine Barnett (68) who had had previous planned jumps cancelled due to bad weather.

Norma and Geraldine kitted out and ready to take to the sky

Norma and Geraldine kitted out and ready to take to the sky

But last weekend they were finally able to take to the skies at an airfield near Bridlington.

And despite finding the whole experience “scary”, Norma would do it all over again.

She said: “For two weekends the weather was against us and then we thought we would get up but the mist came in but this time we got up at 5.45am and jumped at 8am.

“From the parachute I could see Bridlington, Scarborough, Filey. It went out over the water and comes back in.

“I could not get over how quiet it was because you are two miles up in the air.

“It was absolute silence. It was wonderful – I can’t tell everyone how good it was.”

The money raised is being donated to RAW Animal Rescue where Norma helps care for sick and unwanted pets with husband Dennis, retired vet Stuart Easby’s animal rescue mission in Japan and MacMillan nurses.

Mrs Carrick added: “We will distribute the sponsor money but it will be at least another week but I guess we are heading towards about £1,000.”