Packing up her Daisy roots for trek up Everest

An Esk Valley woman has a real mountain to climb – the highest one in the world for that matter.

Daisy Best, 43, today flies out to Nepal to prepare for her 17,600ft ascent up to Mount Everest base camp.

Daisy will jet halfway across the world before arriving at Lukla airport – said to be the world’s most dangerous with its tiny, treacherous runway and no margin for error - illustrated by the video clip here.

Once the nerve-jangling landing is complete, the trek up Everest begins.

Daisy said it takes about nine days to get to base camp, with altitude sickness likely to slow down even the hardiest of climbers.

She first went to Nepal in her 20s and met a guide there who took her out on a low-level trek of the Himalayas.

She has been trekking around the Esk Valley in preparation for her latest mission, working out in the gym and cycling as fitness is key, especially when preparing to climb in the rarified atmosphere above the clouds.

Daisy, a psychologist who is also a member of Fryupdales WI, is ready for what lies ahead.

“It’s about taking every day steadily,” she said.

“Altitude sickness is about fitness and it can affect anyone.

“I’m taking some medication to help but just hope I don’t get it.”

Daisy and a friend will be accompanied by a guide and a porter, to carry their equipment, and although the spring weather in the Himalayas is currently quite good, the mercury can dip to -5C on a night.

Summer is considered too wet and the spectacular scenery can be obscured by cloud.

“This is the time that people tend to go now, to climb Everest itself,” she said.

“I hope we get to base camp and see people embark on a trek up Everest.

“But one in six people don’t come back.

“It is a personal and physical challenge which will be exciting.”

Apart from altitude and sudden deterioration in the weather, another danger is yaks.

The website advises that climbers should stand on the upper part of the track away from the edge in case in the animals turn aggressive.

Daisy has decided to raise cash for Teesside Hospice and already has more than £2,100 from sponsors.

Visit if you’d like to help.