Outrage as pony has her tail and mane hacked off

Shetland Pony attack
Shetland Pony attack

Animal lovers in Whitby have been left outraged after a pony at a rescue centre had its tail and mane hacked off and stolen by cruel yobs.

Tammy, the Shetland Pony was found in a distressed state with her tail and mane missing last Friday afternoon.

Pensioner Dennis Carrick, who runs RAW Animal Rescue with wife Norma, made the sickening discovery when he went to Tammy’s stable to feed her as usual on Friday afternoon.

They think the attack must have happened over night or on the Friday morning while they were out.

Norma told the Gazette: “She was fine when we put her to bed. She’d had her tail and mane plaited on the Wednesday, she was fine when Dennis fed her on the Thursday.

“She can come in and out of her stable and into the field as she wants so we wondered if she had got it caught on something but when we looked, you can see where it has been cut and Dennis looked all over the field but couldn’t find any of it anywhere.”

It has set the poor pony back, who was already very shy and timid when the Carrick’s rescued her from her previous home around six months ago to keep one of their goats company when his previous companion died.

Norma added: “When she came she was very timid but she had got a lot better.

“She would come and eat a carrott out of your hand and now she is back to being as timid as ever.

“Someone must have known she was there and it is horrible to think that people are sneaking around.

“We haven’t a clue who has done it or why but horse hair can be worth a bit of money.”

There was a spate of similar attacks across Whitby around five years ago and the latest one has been reported to the police. Since the incident a CCTV system has been donated and installed.