Organisers invite to town musical talent

From: Jean Scales, secretary, Whitby Now

WE are now inviting applications for this year’s Whitby Now.

We are putting on a two-night event at Whitby Pavilion on 14 and 15 November and over those two nights we hope to show everyone what a wonderful array of talent Whitby has and hopefully help to fill the gap vacated by Whitby Musicport after its move to Bridlington.

Whitby Now was conceived way back in 1991 by local musician Mark Liddell who realised the town had a host of talent to showcase and a fantastic venue in which to show it.

The fairly new Pavilion seemed to struggle to find anything to put on and yet other musicians were approaching Mark on a weekly basis bemoaning the lack of venues for bands in Whitby.

So Mark gathered a few like-minded friends and enthusiasts together and roughly six weeks later the first Whitby Now took place on a November day and night at the Pavilion.

It was a great success selling out completely and entertaining people with rock music, choirs, folk music, comedians, schools arts and crafts displays, poetry and a lot more besides.

More than 2,000 local people attended during the full day and evening event.

The organisation went from strength to strength over the next nine years branching out into all areas of music and art, theatre and dance and utilising performers aged from 5 to 85.

Whitby Now joined forces with Whitby Town Football Club to put on the very first gala day at the Turnbull Ground and bring a summer rock festival atmosphere to the town for the first time.

It participated in the first National Music day by putting on numerous bands at the band stand.

The organisation also became involved with the Rema appeal by hosting and organising the premier of the film, Captain Jack at Whitby Pavilion theatre, attending by many famous celebrities.

More than 7,000 was raised for the families of the lost fishing boat and crew in Hull.

This was remarkable not just for the money raised but for a town premiering a film when at the time it didn’t even have a cinema.

Then Whitby Now didn’t exactly go away but it lay fallow for a while but in 2006 it was up and running again and in that year and 2007 we have had another two very successful events.

However, we would like to go even further and really fill the Pavilion to capacity and to do that we believe we have to appeal to all age groups.

Therefore, I am asking the people of Whitby – do you think you have a special talent that would entertain others for between five and 20 minutes?

If so, then please contact Mark Liddell on 821112 or Jean Scales on 600066.

We want people to feel a real pride in our town over our two-day mini festival and to come along and be really entertained.

And look out for our fund-raisers at The Resolution which are a great way to get a taste of what we do.

Our first fund-raiser of the year was on 22 April and featured three of the most poplular bands at last year’s Whitby Now – Yabbadabbadoo, The Forefathers and Wasting Charlie.

It was a fantastic evening of diverse talent and thanks to the generosity of The Resolution and the donations of the audience we raised 200 towards our November costs.