Opticians’ advice on how to reduce dry eye

Dry eyes are a common problem in winter.
Dry eyes are a common problem in winter.

A Whitby opticians is offering people advice on how to deal with the problem of dry and sore eyes this winter.

Cold winds and central heating can play havoc with your eyes, leaving them feeling dry, gritty and bloodshot.

Norman Cole, store director from Specsavers in Whitby said: “Every year, we see people suffering from dry eyes.

“The causes can be as simple as having the central heating set to its maximum temperature, having car heaters pointed at face level and sitting directly next to artificial heat sources, such as gas or electric heaters.

“These are simple things to fix and make your winter much more comfortable.

“Try to avoid coffee and up your water intake, as dehydration can aggravate problems such as gritty eyes that are common during the winter months.

“If the problem persists, using eye drops can add extra lubrication to dry eyes.

“Winter is a great time to get your eyes tested, as poor light conditions can make you susceptible to eyestrain. Everyone should get their eyes tested once every two years, or sooner if you are experiencing problems.’

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