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February 2018, a year after the birth of my second child, I left my NHS role as a physiotherapist and embarked on life as a stay-at-home mum, writes Sarah Potter.

Thursday, 18th July 2019, 1:09 pm

My partner, the children’s father, worked away from home providing for us, keeping the roof over our heads and food on the table.

Everything we spent had a consequence and cabin fever was setting in.

I felt trapped, I couldn’t work, it would cost more in childcare than my salary, so I began blog writing as a way of boosting my morale and let’s face-it, I wanted attention.

The life of a housewife can be lonely.

The more I shared with people about how I was feeling, the less alone I felt and I soon realised that watching the pennies was something all my friends were doing to varying degrees.

Rich or poor it didn’t seem to matter, once they became a parent life became less about spending money and more about getting value for money.

Since this epiphany I have focused the blog on reviewing places, services, products and past-times that create memorable moments in my little ones’ childhood without emptying the bank.

I want my children, as adults without the safety of a financial nest-egg to have a head full of happy memories and hence go forth with confidence. I am a true believer that kids don’t need expensive toys and Disney holidays.

What they do need is time invested in them, attention and adventure.

If I think back to my own childhood I don’t necessarily remember where we were or what I had with me, but I remember who I was with and how I felt.

I remember feelings, sounds, smells and sights.

The feeling of jumping into a cold swimming pool in on a hot summer day, the smell of the pine needles when playing in a forest with my sister.

The sound of rain on the tent as we lay there at night, and the time dad took us caving and turned the head-torch off to show us how dark it was.

In June this year I launched a website titled The Penniless Parent with the aim of creating a resource full of money-savvy things to do with kids, that is simple to access and easy to use.

I love it when readers share with me a day out that they’ve recently enjoyed and it’s the best feeling when someone tells me they had a great time somewhere and went because they had read my blog.

One of my favourite days out was fundraising for Cancer Research with my six-year-old, another was hiking down to see the Seal Colony at Ravenscar, or the day we invited friends over to build a box-town with old moving boxes.

If you know of somewhere you want to share, feel free to write a review and send it to me with any pictures you’ve taken, I’m always on the look-out for our next adventure!


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