Letter: Village loos closure a step too far

Like many local people, I am appalled to learn that Scarborough Borough Council is planning to close the public toilets at Staithes, Runswick and Sandsend.

Friday, 27th May 2016, 11:00 am
Cleveland Way - but where can you go to the loo?

These three villages although fairly small in population attract a large number of tourists to the area, very many of whom use the public toilets and also of course pay for their parking in these villages.

Many people come to the seaside for the day, after an hour or two travelling many need to use the toilet, what are they expected to do if the public toilets are shut?

This economy cut by the borough seems to be a step too far and I feel may have implications on public health.

As well as day trippers there are also walkers, these villages are on the Cleveland Way, and also educational trips to study the geology and ecology of this fascinating area, students come by coach.

Yes 30-plus people that need the toilet on arrival.

Because of the small size of these communities, these villages do not have numerous other facilities.

If you came to the beach for the day with your three children, would you want to trail them up off the beach, through the village to the local pub, not a very suitable location for children.

Would you as the publican welcome three sandy children trailing through the pub?

Please let sanity prevail in this issue of public sanitation, and maintain our public toilets.

Mary Harland

High Street